Thursday, November 29, 2012

Passports and Pendants.

On Monday we had to go get our passports in the Hague

First we had to go to Eindhoven so that Anne could get a strawberry mole seen to.

Here in socialist Europe you got to go to a normal doctor, then you got to go to the specialist, who looks at you, then you got to go for the actual removal, which takes tem minutes.

Then you got to go back to get the three stitches removed. Not quite the one stop oil change I had in mind.

So we got up at 5:30 and at 7 we were ready to roll.

The car wouldn’t start.

Seven is still pitch dark and cold.


After cranking and cranking, ‘ol Arnold finally forgave us and fired up.

Whew, I thought this was going to be seriously kak Monday.

Before we got to the doctor, we first pulled into the Eindhoven roadworthy place to get a APK, which is the NL equivalent of a roadworthy.

Something that has to be done every year.

Costs 25 EU and took about an hour.

Then the doctor made us wait an hour.

I hate waiting, and doctors, lawyers and banks are the three things that waste mankind's time the most.

Strictly speaking, one should bill the entity for the time you wasted.


In NL and Germany, people don’t really work on Monday.

Particularly NL.

This is the shopping center where our bank is in Eindhoven and all the shops are closed. This is because everybody is suffering from total exhaustion because they had to work Saturday.

Or Sunday.

It’s tough to be employed in NL.

They work you to death, these bastard employers, 35 long, long hours per week. ha ha .

Then we drove to the Hague and collected our passports. They were ready.

The most painless new passport exercise ever.

This is the part of  Big Brother that I like.


They really make sure that the old one is busted.

Then we said hi to our friends Lisette for hugs and kisses, and then we went to a cool new jewellery supply place that we had discovered.

Just down the road, like in this rural farmland area.

Really weird, you expect a modern mega jewellery tool supply house to be in the center of town.

I forgot to take friggin’ pictures—duh.

But really nice, big with millions of tools and things like a grocery store.

You can carry a basket around nogal ook.

All priced to.

The catalogue is modeled after the Rio Grande one, and in the show room is the entire catalogue on display.

Finally we drove back and 550 kilos later for the round trip, we arrived safely back in Dusseldorf at 730 pm.

Not bad for a twelve hour day.

And Arnold forgave us because he ran perfectly after his hiccup.



This is a German down and out. I have a bit of a problem with this picture.

Believe me, I am the worlds original softie when it comes to people who have genuine hardship.

There is an old woman who I felt so sorry for last year winter.

Sitting all lonely out in the cold.

So I started to save all my small change until I had a bankie full to give to her.

Then I was sitting at an outside café and the next thing this very lady was barging through the patrons, demanding money and really being aggressive and rude.

I did not give her the bankie.

And this guy in the picture—two dogs, coke and food and beers. 



Now that is  a tit toy for a lightie.

And watch, it’ll become a collectors item maybe, because Rossi has changed to Yamaha next year. ha ha


I started this commission a couple of days ago.

I first made purple wax model for my customer.


Then I sprayed it with gold paint, so that it looks a bit closer to gold.

As it was, she wanted the corners softened, so I was able to file it there and then, touch it up and show her.

The I started the gold one.

Actually, I am at the setting stage already.

In the next post, because  haven't sized the pictures yet.


My best friend of 22 years.

I absolutely love her hair.

The deal?        

She cuts it, I grow a beard.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

So relieved that Arnold started and then seemed to work well. Paperback books or (now) electronic books are highly recommended for all wait times including bank lines, grocery lines, etc. New passports are a solid plus. Have fun with your new jewelry goodies from the supply store - what fun!

- Sandra