Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Amethyst Ring and Kill Buttons.

Last Monday we had to go to Eindhoven again to get Anne's kill button removed.


A kill button is the red button found on most machinery and motorbikes. You press the button and the motor shuts down and then keeps quite---keeps quite, I said.

In Anne's case, this button has never functioned, and in fact pressing it only made more noise.

So it was deemed a superfluous  and subsequently removed.

We left in darkness and got there nicely on time, and then the weather turned mean.


So when we went to the grocery store to get beers and all, it was snowing.  Talk about non-beer drinking weather.

Snow is lovely flakes and light and fluffy the first day.

The second day it is cold white shit.


Makes for some interesting driving.

In NL, everyone crawls along but when you hit Germany, the effect of the snow magically disappears and the speed is exactly as if it were a balmy summer afternoon.

Ha ha, German drivers just don’t let anything phase them.


There is a reason why I think Europe is monochrome.


I made this ring for a customer last week. I recut the amethyst and it actually came out quite nice.

She was happy too.


My wife has been buying new coats for herself, as a Christmas present from her sister Monika.


So cute.

Thanks Monika, you have no idea how bubbly new clothes make Anne.

No use for the kill button then.


I have been doing some micro polishing work as of late and eventually I started to feel like I had been sleeping with a hedgehog or a porcupine or something.

Millions of little bristles stuck in my T shirt.

So I made this push on cover for when I use miniature bristle or steel brushes.

Works like a charm.


While I was sorting some old picture, I came across this one of a couple of years ago.

This was the pump house for the water fountains the NEVER functioned. The pump was always ‘broke mon’ --ala Africa style.

So I bought a for rent sign and Anne and I tacked it on one night when we were coming back from movies.

A month or so went by…………………………


Finally, the local newspaper the Herald, picked it up.

Is the tiny French Pond pump house for rent?  This sign, placed on the pump house, it advertising a property across the road, but this did not stop residents from wondering if the pump house was up for rent and who should be contacted, as the sign says “ Apply inside” ---says the caption underneath the picture.

Ha ha---- they didn’t get it.

I am looking for a “ Tow away zone” sign.

I am going to stick it up on the building across from my shop.

The local traffic cops have got a nice money making scheme going.


This poor women was pale with fright.

I frikkin’ hate these people and this dude in his green stupid bush wacked uniform is the original Gestapo- lite.

Two legs perched on an area that is in absolute need of a snot klap.

He saw me take pictures and so he comes to the shop window and stares at me, giving me the  ‘menacing and intimidating’  look.

Ha, he got one right back, until he blinked.

I was not in the least intimidated and I am not  a five foot tall female.

They deliberately put up badly placed  signs, then fine the hell out of people and tow their cars away.

I have had many times people come into my shop completely freaked out because they think their car was stolen or they have no clue how to get it back.

Out of town cars, holiday campers, makes no difference.

And they know it.

I confronted one of the cops a while ago and I told him it’s a trick just to get money, and he had the grace to go red in the face.

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