Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bangles and Snow.


I made and set the center part of  this bangle the other day.


It came in like this, and I had to make several small examples of different size diamonds to show my customer.


Here I am bending and measuring the gold before being soldered in.


Don’t laugh. Real snow, falling on real slippery ground.


They even brought out the big guns.


I used to ride Triumph when I was younger…sigh, they really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I don’t care what frikkin name you stick on it, it’s still a naff scooter.



The local Cartier shop up the road has a corner in their display that they showcase some really expensive jewellery.

OK, so the photo is through the window so the diamonds are not really visible, but its platinum and pave set stones.

Not difficult to make as such but quite spectacular.


Going for a cut rate too, ha ha .


The other day I was defriended on Facebook by a friend who I have known for more that twenty years. His wife and Anne and I had been on holidays many times together, countless of dinners and parties shared.

He could not trust me with a song that his daughter had composed, can you believe it.

I got quite pissed of about it and click, I was gone.

The weird thing though is that his wife also defriended me.

I all for spousal loyalty and all that stuff, but I actually liked her a lot as a friend.

Self employed, bright and bubbly, she was, simply, a nice and fun person.

Amazing what can achieved with the click of a button.

Kind of permanent too, this button clicking thing.

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