Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Earrings and Books.


I drew some titanium wire. I had to make some earrings from an internet order.


While I was drawing the titanium wire, there were sparks. Those two orange thingi’s coming out of the draw plate, which is tungsten carbide, by the way.

So I got Anne to video it as I drew the wire. The picture is a video grab.

Shows you how quickly titanium can start a fire.


Then I made 18ct tubing, fitted the titanium wire inside and I drew it down, you can check out how it’s done here.


This was a blue check, to see how much blue against the gold is visible. I made more blue after this test by filing away more gold.

But it is the same as cutting hair.

Can’t cut hair longer, only shorter.


This is Anne's hair before she went to the hair dresser.

You got to watch hair dressers.

They got big ego’s, so sometimes they like to cut hair with big bites.

I wrote about that   here.


But fortunately, this was a man of my own tastes.

She thought more should’ve been cut off, but I don’t, under the maxim that

“ if it’s long, it’s not broken, therefore don’t fix it.”

Just right amount, making it not necessary not to have to go and beat the crap out of him.

OK, I joke, but I have once before in my youth gone to an uncooperative hairdresser who cut 300mm off when trimming my ladies hair and gave him some attitude adjustment klaps just so he remembered the difference between trim and murder.



I made some ruby earrings in 18kt on order, about 7 carats each.


This is one of the shops we do work for.

The window on the left has been shattered with a hammer and so has the door more to the left, in the shadow.

This glass can take massive hammer damage before it succumbs to  entry, so nothing was actually stolen. But what a bummer, just before Christmas.




I made some yellow marks to show the prices.

Check how the publisher gouges the public.

$ 3.50 for a paper back, but the electronical version at $12.99’

This whole electronic reader this has been on long gouge.

Now, when I bought a Kindle when the frikken thing was something like $345 ,about three years ago, I think

Now Kindles cost $100 dollars, and they probably better than mine.

It was a real mission and, I had to dive and duck to be able to download books to St. Maarten.

Just because I didn’t live in America and my DNA was not registered on the Mayflower meant my frikken foreign money was tainted.

US patriot/copyright/paranoia/whatever………

I had to buy gift cards from undercover Mongolian agents, transport them by Yak across the tundra's of Siberia and smuggle then over the ocean hidden in bowels of the captains of the super yachts that visited St Maarten.

Only then could I charge up my Amazon account.

Anyway, I am a sucker for Kindle, gouging not with standing.

I simply love downloading books in seconds and because I follow a lot of authors, I get all their latest book as they publish.


Fifty Shades of Grey has given a new ‘rise’ to mommy porn but I shall not read them.

Simply because  when a book has passages like:

“Suddenly, he sits up and tugs my panties off and throws them on the floor. Pulling off his boxer briefs, his erection springs free. Holy cow…         ( I found this  in the reviews)

Indeed, holy cow.

The visual in the minds eye cannot be unseen.

‘Springs free’--- Like boiiiinnng. drrrrr, blurring with the oscillations.

Besides which, Xaviera Hollander was the author of  ‘ The Happy Hooker’  which was the default sex manual for all the sweaty palmed boys of my generation. ( myself included)

It  was of course completely banned in South Africa when it came out.

Anyway, I want to give a special thanks to Xaviera Hollander, who was asked “What nationality makes the worst lovers?”

In this article

The Dutch, she says.

"They flop on top of you, do their dull Dutch thing, then stick around forever drinking your booze."

I take great exception to that, because I buy my own booze……


I found this great story on the internet that has religion, sex and mystery in it

“Oh my God"!”

“I’m pregnant”

“ I wonder who is the father?”.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Yes, 50 Shades is a total waste and oh so badly written. There is a lot of better writing out there for words of tittilation.

Anne's hair looks great! No, don't hurt the hairdresser, they deserve an accolade for being so reserved with the scissors.

Love the ruby earrings and the titanium with fire - really interesting. I didn't know that it was that twitchy since I don't work with that metal. Crazy!

Yes, I remember Xaviera Hollander. I think I was in college when I first read her. Marvelous book.

Too bad about the glass in the jewelry shop. Sturdy stuff, though, thank goodness.

Happy day after Christmas...

- Sandra