Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold Stuff and the Palindrome Cannon.



Dude, its cold.

This is a view from my bench.


Kinda pretty, a close up of the car in the previous picture.


The Palindrome rear legs being made.

After I design them with cardboard, then I cut the design out of 1mm brass.

Then I solder the front and the back and then start to solder all the curved pieces on.

Did I mention it’s a bucket load of work?


I first made the leg joints like the bottom one pictured, but they didn’t really work like I wanted, so I designed a sort of universal joint.


This worked much better, allowing for more movement in all directions.

I want this so that the Palindrome Cannon can be positioned in any kind of situation.

This is because when it is deployed as a weapon of retribution, it must be totally able to hunt down politicians, income tax collectors, pedophile priests and prosecutors and rappers.

Especially rappers-----the scourge of the music industry, right next to Justin twat Bieber and Beyoncé.

I digress.


Then I made the rear hinges and completed the rear legs provisionally.


Basically, I am just making the foundations , or the frame work, as it were.

Once all that is finished in it’s rough form, then the bells and whistles are added.


These are the rest of the universal joints being made.

The as yet undesigned front legs will be weaponized, and I am thinking of making miniature switch blades in them.

But since we Dutch are a nation of pussies, I doubt very much I will be able to walk into a knife shop and ask to buy a switch blade knife so that I can take it apart to see how it works.

In fact, I bet that the Palindrome Cannon breaks a raft of wimp Dutch laws that will put me away for a life sentence.

You know, like buttering toast and wearing wooden clogs for the rest of your life in prison.


In the good ‘ol days when men were men and cannons were cannons.


And  played chess like this.

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