Monday, January 21, 2013

Earrings and Stuff.



Finished these earrings and she was happy. Whew….

These were made with the collets that I made the jig for a few posts ago.

There is some more work I got to do.

Maybe a heart shaped pendant set with a trillion diamonds and also a three diamond ring that has coloured diamonds.

Then also maybe a Larimar ring with 18kt gold for someone in Switzerland..

We’ll see how they pan out.

In the meantime it’s frikken cold here.


Ice for my whiskey.


Very pretty though.


The only way to get the snow off is to hook up with a hot chick inside…….right?


After a hectic morning last week we took the arvie off and went for lunch at a new Chinese restaurant that we had been threatening to go to for ever, called the China Star.

Turned out to be really nice , and on the way back we went really native and had an ice cream.

The locals eat ice cream no matter what the weather.

Nobody even gave Anne a second glance.


Everybody always stands outside our shop and peers at me like I am in a zoo, which is not to far off the mark.

Anyway, I got Anne to take a picture of me at work setting diamonds just so I could see what they all looking at.

No wonder they all look confused and that is only part of my workshop.


The other day I saw an  article on CNN .

And there was ‘ol Hugh Hefner, standing next to the proverbial blond from Playboy.

And he married her.

He at 86 and she at  26.

Now I got to say, the dude has,  from any hetro male’s perspective, had the best job in the world form a long, long time.

Like from 1953 or there abouts.

I know they consenting adults and all that, but frack it man, there is a sixty years difference between them.

So I am 57 now.

That means I would be marrying some one who is going to be born in three years from now.

Consenting adults or not, I find that a bit creepy.

I mean, if I put an advert in the newspaper that said “ I will marry your unborn child in 29 years from now,--- I got money”

I’d get arrested.

Freaky, man.


Now this is more my freaky style. Cool or what?


The Palindrome Canon moves forward.

I am actually a bit further than this picture shows, but I have really been struggling with the design of the rear leg joints.

Made them about four times over, but I think I have them nailed down now.

In the next post.

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