Sunday, January 27, 2013

Futheration of the Palindrome Cannon


I’m busy making an 18kt larimar ring.

The photo doesn’t do the larimar justice because it’s even more blue than shown.

I cut and polished the stone yesterday and then I drilled the hole for the diamond to be set in.

As soon as I get the ring size from my customer, I can carry on.

Larimar with 18kt gold is a real cool colour combination.


In the meantime, the cannon stood up for the first tine on four of it’s six legs.

And then promptly collapsed again---sigh.IMG_8849

Something like this.

Anyway, that is it’s under water mode.

Looks like one of those diving insect on sees in ponds.


The problem was the weight. This thing is quite heavy.

After playing around with the universal joints, cutting here and screwing there, I decided to scrap them all and redesign something more robust.


The shiny one is the mark six million version.



So here are the new four joints.

These  will still supply the omni directions that a universal joint allows and can then be locked in any position.

I am determined to have the Palindrome cannon be able to pose in any position , on rocks, down steep sides and even in trees.

Why? Because I anticipate this project to be finished in two or three months time and then it will be warmer and then I want to take it to a shooting range and the forests and do a whole photo shoot/video of it in action.

I want pictures of fire and smoke as the cannon fires—I can’t wait…..

So I don’t want wussie legs.


Something I found the other day.

Bill and Hillary Clinton came to visit Mowana Lodge just before  the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

So here he is posing with Anne and our friend Richard Randall, the manager of Into Africa, and a somewhat scatter brained person.

(Ahem, sorry Rich, just reminiscing ).

Richard  had to have dinner with the two that evening and he made President Clinton and his wife wait for him.

I swear, he was about ten minutes late.

Can you believe making the most powerful man on this fair planet wait while you quote: “freshen up”?

Anyway, so about a month or so later the Presidents office sent out the pictures they took  and it arrived in the brown envelope.

And on of our staff wrote on the envelope in pale green, so it’s a bit difficult to see,

“Ann, your photo with lover boy”

Ha ha, our staff were funny that way.

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