Sunday, January 13, 2013

Futheration of the Palindrome.



Then I started on the front.


And I soldered a copper base on.

Sort of tricky, that.


Then I added a brass frame and made a sort of tail thingi.

I got a basic idea where I want to go, but I am not sure how to do it.


Upside down.


I turned out a potential rear  middle leg joint and made two more for the other legs.

I think at this stage that the front legs are going to be water scorpion style.


As in large and grabbing.

I used to keep one of these in a fish tank when I lived in Kasane.

It chomped all the fish up, but it was an awesome machine of nature.


Here is a sideways picture. The three future leg joints are turned and mounted.


I kind of like the canon look, although I might buy some more bronze and make a bigger one.

This is quite nice with a fantasy piece that uses a canon.

Canons are not difficult to make, so I can chop and change them as I wish.

With the Dragon bow type of pieces, the bow is an integral part of the machine.

So once you decide that this is the way you going to go, any changes are fracking difficult.


This is as far as I am now.

I decided to make the middle legs first. I just got to figure out how to articulate them

No problem.


It’s fracking –3C outside, so guess who is staying inside and working?


My dude Schpeckles.

Checking out the scene.

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