Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Palindrome Canon.

Hacked from Wikipedia.

Palindrome---Alluding to the movement of crabs, such as an inscription that may be read backwards.


This is the latest War Monster that I am building in my spare time.


Puhleeese,  so frickin’ yesterday.

Now we make a canon.

A real medieval  one where one has a ball, black powder and a fuse and when fire is applied,  a big bang and destruction ensues.

Anyway, that is the theory.

Thing is, in Germany one is allowed to buy unlimited firecrackers and rockets and shit only on the last two days of the year.

And then on new years eve at from about ten at night until about two in the morning, all hell breaks loose as everybody lets their inner devil and pyromaniac doppelganger loose.

It’s fucking amazing.


This kind of stuff.


Anne was getting ready with sunglasses.   (ain’t she cute?)

Trust me, the rockets fly everywhere, so eye protection is absolutely essential.


So I bought myself a bucket of powder crackers for about ten bucks---130 of them.

They well made and cheap.

Anyway, I only bought them because I can’t make gunpowder here.

And I need gunpowder for my next project.


I have always wanted to make a miniature canon.

So now I am going to make it with a kind of crab like steam punk like sort of war machine platform.

This is serious stuff.

I had some bronze ( old canons are made of bronze ) and I bored out a 6mm diameter bore.


My first test was a little less than stellar.

Anyway, shooting arrows around the workshop with my Dragon Bow was stressful enough on my marriage, so I didn’t want to push the envelope to far.

High speed projectiles bouncing around your home does not make for a good sex life, if you get my drift.


Turning out the basic canon.


She fires OK, but later I will fine tune the amount of propellant and the weight of the projectile.

I left the rear end unturned so I can still mess around with it.


Then I made the canon platform and a cover.


I hinged both sides and then split it down the middle.


Then I built the copper frame.

I want to use a lot of copper in this piece, because I want to patina the copper green and blue to look like a war machine that has been out in battle, defeated the enemy and arrived home with scalps on the belt and maidens in tow.

Something like that.


The cover must open, so the fuse can be lit.


I added some more copper panels. They are the basic chassis where all the other stuff like the legs and mandibles and machine/ laser guns can be added.


This is as far as I got so far. 

Just wait, the Palindrome Canon will be finished in a few months.



I LONG for sunlight……………………..It’s  DARK  all the time here in winter.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

You're SUCH a little boy with toys, but the cannon should be wonderful. A friend of mine had a small one (much larger than yours) and we would shoot it down long hallways. Very loud and effective - ahhh, college days - LOL.

Your crab will be a kick. I look forward to seeing him come into his own.

- Sandra