Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Ring and the Palindrome Cannon.


It came back.

The instructions were to set more diamonds in.

I  did.

I had to make a special jig to be able to set the sides of the ring.

Pear Shaped Pave Ring (4)

Every square millimeter is now covered with diamonds.

Pear Shaped Pave Ring (3)

And I must say, it does now look more complete, and I think my customer is finally happy.

92  diamonds totaling 11.65 carats of diamonds.

Quite the setting job.


The Palindrome finally stands on his own legs.


I finally got the universal joints to move in any direction and be lockable as well.

As I said, all I’m doing is laying the basic frame work down and then the real fun starts, adding the bells and whistles.


Designing the front legs and sort of mandibles.


I only used the left template.


After I pierce them out and bend them into shape I solder a temporary holding tab on


Then I made the articulated joints for the front mandibles.

I first make the rear parts, because the front part is critical to the design.

If they are not kind of balanced, the whole look of the Palindrome can be ruined.


So I cut these out.

They to long, so I am going to shorten them.

In this case the holding tab I soldered in is also going to be a weapons platform.

Sort of something that has a radar dish and machine guns and that can swivel like those fancy weapons of battle ships.

Only mine will be better. ha ha .

So the front part is going to get a swivel joint.

I’m not quite sure how, but that’s the plan.


I took a cool picture of Anne reflected in a brand new brass sheet.

Brass is fricken expensive in Europe.

Everything is expensive in Europe.

For instance, if a women wants to get the pill, she must first go for a prescription at a doctor. Then when the script runs out, back to the doctor.

Or anti acid tablets. Or any fricken thing you need.

So the doctor and the pharmacy can make more money.

The doctor just scribbles something and you pay his fee.

Fricken rip off artists.

If you buy paracetemol here is costs EU 2.50

If you but the same in NL it costs 50 cents.

It’s so they can pay all the social welfare and civil servants, I suppose.


Cool car I photo’d the other day.


And this one. In perfect nick.


You know, I am for artistic expression and all that.

Also one mans art is another’s nightmare—I get it, I get it.

Lots of people don’t like the Palindrome, and that’s OK with me.

But this piece of shit is being displayed in a gallery around the corner.

It’s a wooden frame stuffed with various lampshades that one can buy in the flea markets around here.

Quite frankly, I haven't had the courage to go it and ask the price.

I might become too depressed afterwards.

My question is, where in the hell would you hang something like this in your house?

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