Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carnival and Stuff

You know, I am all for having a good time and I can party with the best of them.

And I’ve got the liver scars to prove it.

But frack it man, am I glad the blerry carnival is over here in Dusseldorf.

The carnival here is the weirdest thing out.

Normal people get into the most ridiculous costumes ( cool) and then proceed to get fucked motherless drunk---- ASAP.


One ‘o clock in the afternoon. This chick simply could not walk.

And I didn’t photo all her girlie bits that were exposed.

Problem is that kids of sixteen can buy booze at supermarkets and petrol stations  as easy as buying a pie.

The problem is so bad that the authorities want to charge the parents one hundred euro to cover the costs of treatment for alcohol poisoning.



Mind the recycled food.


Trust me this lot are all seeing double, including our ass grabber.

I just get myself out of there, because if some one pukes over me, violence will ensue, trust me.

The last part of the carnival is called aschermittwoch, roughly meaning ash wednesday.

They ‘bury’ the old dude and make a political statements of events that happened in the last year.

We were invited to a doo da restaurant to celebrate the out going old.


They had this roving band that walked around the restaurant making the most god awful noise imaginable.

OK, they were traditional German songs but that loud it just becomes white noise.


Then later a ‘pastor’ and entourage comes around and gives a humorous speech concerning past events and everybody “cries” at the loss.

Kinda fun and weird at the same time.

And it was hard work for the pastor.


I was fascinated at the drop of sweat hanging off his schnozz.

I kept on taking a photo to see if it would eventually fall, but it never did.

You know, one of those pictures that win Landrovers and stuff-- ha ha .


Last year the lake was all frozen over.

This year it isn’t but don’t kid yourself,  it’s still frikken cold.


No, she is not wearing headphones.

Just protecting the ears and cutting out my endless drivel.


Here is Tjillip, my new little dude.

I am getting him tame slowly.

He’s one of those nervous birds so it’s taking longer than normal.

Still, he’s really feisty.

He regularly gives Schpeckles a hiding.

So funny


And speaking of.

Taking cover.

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