Sunday, February 10, 2013

Futheration of the Palindrome Cannon.



I started making the fore mandible/gun platforms more solid.


No kidding, but making these things is serious PT.

Lank sawing, soldering and filing.


A top view of the cannon makes it look like a bug.  Looks kind of mean too.

But the front legs are going to be much longer.


Like I said, much longer.


Then I cut them apart and made a ball joint on my lathe, which I soldered into place.

When we moved here, my Delft casting sand that I had was lost.

That was a mission, because when I started this project, I wanted to explore the Delft casting way.

So I bought some new sand from NL.

I am an accomplished spin caster, but for years I could see no advantage to delft casting as apposed to spin casting for me.

But in this project I am using it.

It does not give the accuracy of spin casting, but boy is it fast. And I don’t really need accuracy as such.


For instance, I need to make a joint for the front gun platform.

Something that will wrap around the ball and support the claws.


The bottom part of the mold, with talcum powder to allow for separation.


These are the bottom parts cast.

IMG_9281 (2)

Here is the wax model of the top, very roughly finished off.

You can see how the brass result is more rounded than the wax model.


After that, I married the top and bottom joints and then used that as a master and cast the final double joint thingi.

Also, I wanted to cast brass, so I just melt the brass that I am using for fabrication.

I got LOTS of off cut pieces and it casts pretty good too.

One of the big design challenges that lie ahead is the four claws for the main legs.

I will cast them in several different pieces and then solder then together.


These are the front holders.

From wax carving to finish four pieces takes about an hour and a half.

Much faster than spin casting.


There will be guns mounted on the claw platform.

And they shall wreak devastation on the enemy.

You see, the problem was this.

If you going to beat your enemy, you got to have better tech stuff, you got to have more bucks and you got to have more bang.

It was the bang stuff that the beetles didn’t have.

The beetles had been fighting a low grade war with the ants for like forever dude.

Millions of years stuff.

And even though beetles were a very diverse group, you ever only saw ants eating beetles.---not the other way around.

I mean, there are some beetles that prey on ant things, but nothing like ants to beetles.

They win hands down.

Ergo the beetles were loosing.

Until the Palindrome Cannon was Commissioned.

Wait for it.


My bench working for me.

That is why I like a flat work surface, as apposed to a pouch.

All the files that are in play are there and no possibility of getting a needle file stuck in your knackers, which has happened to me when I worked with a pouch.

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