Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jewellery and the Palindrome Cannon.


I made this fused 18kt gold ring for a customer in Switzerland.


The carved Larimar is actually a better colour than shown.

I drilled a hole in it and set a diamond with white gold in it.


Then I made this pendant with red coral and diamonds.


And then I also made a matching set of coral earrings.


The Palindrome Cannon becomes more lethal as each day passes.

I have just finished the basic assault/defense locomotive craft.


This is the left side one.

Check out the mean tail. I left the knoppie on the end and I will cut it off only when the Palindrome Cannon is finished.

Reason is that when I was working on the Dragon Bow I kept on cutting myself on the sharp edges.---we learn.

These are designed to provide fine movement so that the Cannon can be adjusted when firing long distance.


The right side one has different mandibles.

These two assault craft are also detachable during battle to provide close ground support for the cannon should the enemy ant troops come within range.

With their ten legs they can go anywhere, so next time you walk into a dark room, be very careful and very afraid.

They might just be waiting for you under the bed.

The rear legs will also have independently mobile cannon platforms, but I don’t know how they will look as yet, because my imagination cannot project that far ahead.

What I can say though is that when the Palindrome Cannon is finished in a couple of months time, my next project will be an Dragon/ant hybrid weapon, based on a medieval catapult.

When I was finishing the Crossbow Cannon, I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was going to make next.---That’s a real drag, trust me.

Anyway, in this piece I have used some Delft clay casting and in the next model I am going to use mostly Delft casting.

Delft casting is also going to be the subject of my next post.

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