Thursday, March 14, 2013

Palindrome and snow.


I dumped the goggas that I had made for the center legs.

I just didn’t think they go with the rest of the feel of the piece.

Instead, I am going to make some wax carved and Delft cast industrial looking legs endings.

No big deal, I will use them for another project I have in mind.


This is the control panel three quarters finished.

Dang, but this thing is difficult to photograph when it is all polished up and shiny.


I have left these pictures big, so if you click on them more detail can be seen.


One of the gauges. All I still have to do is to cut the glass for then and add the needle.


Polished steam expansion chamber. ( Hey, it’s my party, so I can name it anything I want. )


The pilots chair, that swivels, of course.

It’s 20 x 50mm in size.


Here is the chair in context to the rest.

Complicated, it nothing else.


This is the variable resistor that controls the heat of the steam.


Here is a picture of the rear control panel photographed one mili second after it exploded.




A classic Steam Punk chimney.



I hammer finished the brass rings. I like the industrial look.


Now I am going to work on the body and feet.

I think this project will be finished at the end of May, which is cool because then it is not so fricken cold.

Then I am going to take it outside for photographs and firing the cannon.



We had to go get gas and as we were driving to the store, we were amazed at the glass lying on the road.

I thought it must have fallen from a truck ahead of us.

Ha ha,  newbies in Europe.

It was ice that had fallen off a truck.

We learn.


We were invited out to go and eat mussels at this restaurant.

It was snowing something fierce before.


Which made for some nice pictures.


All the little leaves looked like they were covered in cotton.


That’s the pavement.


A far cry from mid summer.

Just wait, it will come and then we can start cycling again.

I can’t wait.

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