Monday, March 25, 2013

The European Fine Arts Fair. Part 1.

At Maastricht, about 120 k’s from Dusseldorf.

One of the main shows where some 260 art dealers show their wares to the rich and very rich.

About sixty billion Euros of paintings and bling and carvings on display.

We went last week Tuesday and spontaneously again on Sunday.


Maastricht, a city of pretty women and butt ugly buildings.

Frack it, but the Dutch have zip flair.

I am sure there are new pretty buildings in NL, but they are scarcer than a Kayne West brain cell.

We went both times for professional reasons, namely to meet dealers and make new contacts.

Also, we spent some hours studying and examining the jewellery there.

One is allowed to take photographs there and the dealers are very friendly and professional.

Rene Lalique was the main focus of our jewellery studies.


This piece was about 150mm in length.

The bodies are carved out of rock crystal and the piece is plique a jour enamel set with diamonds in gold.

It sold for 1.4 million EU.


This piece, also enamels and made unfortunately out of gold and silver.

Unfortunately out of silver, because it has tarnished black and is virtually un cleanable.

It was not sold on Sunday, so it probably didn’t sell.


The decor, the stands and the organizers were utterly pro.

When the Dutch organize something, you may rest assured it is well done.

Quite amazing for a nation that has a morbid fear of  hard work…..


Here is another Lalique piece in gold and diamonds and aquamarines .


Top view.

It sold for 1.2 million EU.


I just could not get a decent photo of the piece from Graaf jewellers.peacock

So I pulled an quite enhanced picture of the ‘net.

A snip at 100 million dollars.

Also a photoshopped picture. The blue diamond, while quite pretty, is more of a steel blue colour. Not near the cornflower colour shown.


Serious, serious bling.

All fancy yellows.


The wall for fools.

I have NEVER understood why anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and taste would pay enough money to build a hospital wing for a piece of rubbish like these paintings.



And here is the modern day Picasso.

A fellow called Damien Hirst.

His claim to fame is putting animals in formaldehyde and then selling them for a bucket of money.

This on is made of butterfly wings.

Fuck it, but I hate “art” like this.

And to add insult to injury, he is the richest artist alive today, with a worth of 235 million pounds.

A douche bag of note.


On the other side of the talented coin, this is a piece that is made out of cotton thread.


Here is a close up of the center. Very well done, by an artist  called Emil Lukas.


This photo I have colour corrected to what the actual pendant looks like.

Another Lalique piece that sold.

Over the telephone the night of the opening, the salesman told me.

He was unable to tell me the price, but it was also in the high hundreds of thousands.


Sigh, I sometimes am a little too blunt.

He was a little less than impressed with me when I pointed out that on his brochure the piece was seriously more colour saturated than it actually was.

And if fact that the aquamarine looked more like a Paraiba tourmaline, and also that the slight damage on the actual piece had been photoshopped out.

He did look like he was drinking vinegar…..shame.

It was not in the display on Sunday, so I assume it was shipped out.

More pictures an snotty comments coming in future posts.


It is fracking cold here in Dusseldorf.

The coldest spring on record.

Just my luck.

GET ON WITH IT, SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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