Monday, April 8, 2013

A Choker, the Palindrome Cannon and a Bust Window.

It’s been so cold for soooo long.

This week it maybe starts warming up.


I had to do a lot of setting and manufacturing on this piece. It was made by a goldsmith who passed on so it was up to me to get it sized and finished.

Work like this is  a drag.

I mean, it’s nice looking enough, what with over a thousand diamonds and weighing over 150 grams of 18 karat gold. Plenty of sparkle.

But it is seriously boring. Like I wrote in another forum, it’s a little like knitting a 200 meter scarf, I imagine.

One stitch after another until you see double.


I have done quite a lot of Delft casting on the Palindrome.

These are the rear ‘feet’ before casting.


This method allows one to carve the wax in situ. It really allows for the piece to be made just so.



Wax on the lathe.


Being cast.


I needed four examples.


That are fitted onto the rear leg.


This is the middle legs finished up to tripoli polish. See all those little pyramid screws?


I made about forty. Each has eight facets on it. And a piece of threaded bar soldered on to it.

Frack, that took me two solid days of work just to make them.

Thing is you got to sand everything down to 1000 grit and then only polish them, because if you just turf then under the killer buff, they loose their crispness and look like drunk cabochons afterwards.


Anyway, enough of the cannon. This is how far I am so it looks like there is maybe one month or a month and a half of work left.

I’m won’t be sorry to finish this one, because I got my next sculpture all lined up in my mind.

I’m thinking about a stylistic dragon and maiden .

Something sensuous and flowing.

But I just know it won’t go the way I see it.

Never does.


The other day we had an attempted burglary.

Some crack head piece of shit took a hammer and tried to bash the window in.

He smacked it just behind the right hand display.


He only managed to break the first sheet of glass and then ran away.

Luckily the building insurance picks up the tab, some 400 eu, but we still have a covered window for two weeks.

In Fritz land these things take an inordinate amount of time to get organized.

Submission of ancestral DNA and all that.

If they just gave me the money, I would have the job done in two days max.

There is no sense of urgency in Europe.

Except when there is Carnival.


Wait, soon there will be cycling again.

I want to see of this little boss is at his station this year again.

He parks there and then barks furiously at any other dog that comes past, safe in the knowledge that nothing can reach him.

Such a cool little boytjie…….

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