Monday, April 29, 2013

The Palindrome Cannon Nearly Finished.


OK, when I say nearly finished, I mean that:

Rough polish done-check.

Basic assembly done-check.

Gold plating done – non check.

Display case made – non check.

Buyer found – non check.


But does it look mean or what.



It spans about 600mm wide and about 350mm high and it weighs about 8 kg’s.


The rear end, one that the devastated enemies mostly see.

If they are alive, that is.



So now I have to make a display case, which is another mission.

I think I am going to put mirror on the bottom of the case so the underside detail can be seen.

This is the typical piece that suffers from ‘project creep’, as I name it.

I swear, my next one is going to stay in tight parameters this time

I think I said that as well when I finished the Dragon Cross bow.

Here is a video I uploaded to You Tube.

I had to make a spinning kind of table so the thing can turn around and then I lay on the floor and hand turned it while Anne did the camera work.

Sophisticated, if nothing else.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Oy! I get buried by work and look at how much I miss!

I love it - absolutely love it.


- Sandi