Friday, May 3, 2013

Painting with Enamels.


The Palindrome Cannon took a long, long time and then eventually you get gat full of that kind of work and you long  to do something different.

So I have been teaching myself to paint with enamels and my first one  after plenty of failures was tentatively finished.



But then my Crimson Breasted shrike went crackly.

The clear overcoat of enamel that I fired over the  shrike cracked in a circular fashion because I let it cool down to quick.

Another firing and a slower cooling will do the trick and fix it, I hope.

Besides, I under fired the clear over coat because I was a little to cautious.


This is the real size of the painting.



My next one was a Orange Breasted shrike.

One thing that happens when you teach yourself is that everything is experimental.

So I learned lots with this attempt.

I am sure that when I have answered all the questions, I will get better, but this one is so so.


Here is the real size of the enamel.


I use a ceramic support and I fire the piece at 800C for about 2 minutes, but that also depends on the colours of enamel.

Anyway, this one was an experiment with a white background instead of a blue background like the one with the crimson breasted shrike.

So I used ceramic colours only.

This one was fired about fifteen times.

But I screwed up, of course.

I didn’t put enough counter enamel on, so after the tenth firing, I realized the I would end up with a buttercup if carried on.

The most irritating thing is that if you want to paint with oils, ( that is mixing the glass with oil),you have to burn the oil  off, and that is a mission.

To quick and the oil burns.

To slow and you die of old age before it is vaporized.

Painting with water is much easier, because there is no residue.

Except that it dries to fast.

What you need is a solvent that dries at the speed that you like to paint at.

Gillie Hoyte Byrom   uses pine oil to paint with.

She is really, really good.

Try getting pine oil in Chermany.

Just not obtainable.

I am ordering it from Amazon

The UK one, that is.


The next one I want to do is a Fiscal shrike which is basically black and white.

I want to concentrate on the bird, not the background so much.

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