Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Staggers Along.


And suddenly there was a two beautiful days.

The bicycles were panting with excitement.

The German countryside is very pretty.


Bright and sunny and warm.

The perfect time to go cycling.

We did sixty kilo’s in two easy rides.

One doesn’t want to be too exuberant in the first week or so.

Normally we will do about fifty k’s, but you got to harden your backside after the looong cold winter.

Trust me, at my age the bod goes into reverse far easier than forward.



This is the German response to some dude who had a heart attack.

They don’t mess around over here unlike St. Maarten, where the emergency response is an answering machine.

Like “ If you been robbed, press one.”

          “ If you been murdered, press two.”



Then the helicopter takes you to the hospital.

Of course, if you croak, they just hover over the cemetery and hoof you out, to save time.

Kidding, kidding.


The other day on old school buddy  Siggy, who I have not seen for 20 years came over to visit.

Was really great to see him again, and we went to our favorite eating place for some graze and ales.


Needless to say, the evening was far to short.

It’s unfair, really. One should be able to swop the dental time speed with the good time time speed.

You know, to achieve a workable balance.

Lekker to see you dude!



And the Guerilla Owl Tagging continues.

( thanks to The Old Swede for such a lekker name)



Guerilla owl tagging -------- love the name.

You got to enlarge the picture to see it.

That’s the way I like it, unobtrusive.


Owned this dude. ha ha ha

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I said...

Glad you liked it! That looks like summer to me, nice to see some green again. Have a good weekend