Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly.


The Good

I just finished a platinum ring set with a 1.5 c.t diamond.


I got an tutorial on this on on my website.


I like working in platinum.

It works similar to titanium, in that you got to finish it off completely before polishing.

But  you do a lot of fusing, and it fuses beautifully.

One drag is you got to work with darkened welding glasses, because is becomes so bright when you fuse, or solder that the light will damage your retina’s is it is not attenuated.

Super interesting dude bought it for his future fiancée.

He does paragliding and she is a micro biologist who also does caving.  (That is, climbing down in deep caves )

How cool is that?


The Bad.

You know, shit happens.

The other day a pendant came in that had to be converted to a ring.


It had a junk amethyst set in it and if you look  at five ‘o clock, you can clearly see that a claw is stressed.

I decided not to remove the stone because then I would have to do a retip and she would freak at the extra cost.

So all I had to do is attach a shank on the pendant and viola, all is finished.

So what one does is turn the pendant upside down and then position it in an egg cup filled with beach sand and water.

The sand holds the piece in place and the water keeps it cool.

Done this thousands of times before with out a problem ever.

This time it didn’t work.



Cracked and fucked. Not the faintest idea why.

Quartz can easily take the heat of hot water.

That meant, after some phoning around , that we had to drive to Koln about 40 k’s away to buy a new stone, because I didn’t have the raw material to cut another one.

That, and Anne’s backseat driving ( she is the world’s worst) and the rain, and the GPS leading us the wrong way made the journey similar to root canal.


Needless to say, I didn’t make a cent profit but at least my customer was more than happy, because she got a much better stone than her original.

Deliriously happy, in fact.

And she got all the claws retipped for free.

Sigh. ------Shit happens.


The Fugly.

This bit of German excellence and perfection is all bullshit when you fighting in the trenches.

Trust me, it might have been like that in the old days, but right now in your common garden variety jewellery, sold by your average shop, the quality and design is all locally made crap.



This is a ring that comes in for setting.

It’s rhodium plated and one can see the yellow gold under the washer, where I have to somehow set small diamonds in.

This type of ring is sold as white gold.

It’s not, trust me .



This is the diamond that must be set in the center. Is is a borderline sludge brown reject with a mini coal mine in it.

Absolutely awful.



It come with a certificate, dated 1997.

The certificate says “ Natural Fancy Brown Greenish Yellow”.

It should say “Natural Baby Shit Awful Brown Green Slime Colour” actually.

Note that  there is no mention of the inclusions.

There is so much coal in this diamond the certificate should actually carry a fire warning.

And this should actually be regarded as borderline fraud.



I painted some clip art owl pictures in reverse on some small pieces of glass. These are the first three.

I am going to stick then all around town in unobtrusive places .


The first one went in an appropriate owl looking hollow in a tree in a park near here.


Lets see how long it stays there.

The next two are going to be stuck up tonight because today is ‘Japanese’ day and there is a big fireworks display at eleven 'o'clock tonight.

I am going to do this the whole summer long.

A sort of  like the  Guerilla Gardening in Public Places, but with pop art owl paintings.

And I make them so that if they removed they will be destroyed.

Just for fun.

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