Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Palindrome Cannon is finished.


This has been the biggest and most complicated project I have ever designed and made.

It just went on and on and on.

I am quite surprised, if that is the correct word, that I had the tenacity and perseverance to complete it.

I worked on it for more than six months and I averaged about 5 hours every day, weekends included.

Every frikkin’ weekend.

I am NEVER going to allow project creep to become so overwhelming again.

I swore that I wouldn’t do that after I completed the Dragon crossbow and just look what happened.

Over 900 hours of work later, and I still sing the same song.



And to add insult to injury, he does not photograph well at all.

So many reflections makes everything lose definition.



Like I said, too many reflections.

The display box has a mirror at the bottom, so one can see the underside of the Cannon.

This makes for more reflection   ha ha .

The reason is that the underside is worked to the same detail as the top, and it seemed a pity to let that visual go to waste.

I would have to build a giant photographic tent to minimize the reflections, and I just am too burnt out on this project to do it now.

Later, maybe.



But to recap, from here,



To here,



To here,




(I discarded the gogga thingi’s on the center legs.)



Until it was  semi finished.

Brass and copper tarnish, so an anti tarnish layer is coated over every surface.

Every piece gets polished, fine polished, and dipped into a container of lacquer and hung out to dry.

Or dried with a heat gun.

Then reassembled.

That took well over a week and sometimes I was stoned on thinners, the fumes were so strong.


The Cannon is made up of 835 separate hand made pieces.

I cast 42 different pieces with the Delft casting method.

I used 120 grams of silver solder.

Plus a hundred  made components that I discarded.

As in they didn’t work with the design.

You make something you think is going to look AMAZING and

then, when you install it it just looks grotty.

Out! and back to the drawing board.

Shit happens.


With a project like this, as in jewellery, it is the final finish that takes the longest.

The  construction is standard.

The final finish is hard work.

The cannon weighs in at 4.1 kilo’s and measures 600mm across and 350mm high.


You know, it’s like this.

If you can see and create  something  visual  of what you really like,  then what you do when you working on it is only a journey to the end.

Like the Oracle in the movie The Matrix said,

Everything has a beginning and an end”

So even if that thing you desire takes very long to get, if you don’t stop or give up you will arrive at the end.

And then there is that thing.

That visual.

That beautiful object that you created.

It is there, for you when you walk into the room.

There is nothing better than that.

Except selling it, of course……….





Now I am going to tidy up my previous  just . notfinished.  messes.

( didn’t listen the the Oracle’s advice.)

This project going to be FINISHED in the next week.

I swear it.



Then I am building a display case for the gear gun.

I swear it.

And only then will I start my next project.

I am torn between making a dragon or a fantasy piece like a musical box that winds up.

We will see.

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Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

It is really stunning, Hans. So amazingly crafted and envisioned!

- Sandra