Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Saga of the Heart Pendant.


I was asked to make a heart pendant, similar to one she had seen in a shop window and that matches the one she already has.




And in the past they were two separate pendants that were hacked together by someone who liked solder and did not particularly make very nice awls.

So I had to make a single heart pendant that was bigger than these two.

OK, so a heart pendant is not a difficult thing to make for me.

So I made her a wax model first.


She thought it to wide.

No problem.


So I made her one she drew out, but I could see this one was not suitable.

Luckily these samples take me 15 minutes, so they no problem.

Eventually it came down to the actual heart in 18 kt with all the diamonds stuck on with bees wax to show her first.

( I forgot to take a picture)

She loved it, so I finished it and started setting 120 diamonds into it.


She wanted them set in a random fashion.



And eventually arrived at this piece.


She loved it.

Here she is wearing them like she wanted.


Three days later she came back and said she didn’t like anymore.

She didn’t like this and that and she wanted me to remake it.

But for less money, because it was partly my fault .

I should have ‘ guided’ her better.



I shut up and just made a new silver model for her approval.

She liked this one more.

And the next time I set the diamonds, she wanted them more spread out.


And then I made and set another one, more or less the same.


And when the time came to pay, she paid me 30% less for this one……….…sigh.

240 diamonds set pave.

I actually earned about the minimum wage rate here in Germany for the hours spent on this job.


A bit blurry photo.

A kak customer.

If I had more work would not do her work anymore.

But I don’t, so I don’t.



Building the Palindrome Cannon display.



I made a special shelf in the corner of the shop for it.



Now I am giving it a final polish and then sealing it with a clear lacquer.

I think I should be finished by about Monday.

I am seriously gatvol but I am sooo close to finishing it.



There was one warm day last week, so we went cycling.



German version of  a park bench in the ‘wild’.


Sweet, but then the weather turned lousy and has stayed so ‘till today.


So these last four photo’s could be regarded as a trip down memory lane.

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