Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Windows and stuff.


Well, eventually the glass guys came and went.

It took more than three weeks to fix the broken window, and in that time I kept the boards up in the front.

This was so no one sees the bust window.

Kind of lowers the tone of the neighborhood stuff.

So then It was time to make a new shelf.

So I glued the shelf brackets to the window.

Turns out the silicone glue had gone bad and refused to harden.



So I used a two component glue and it did the job, even though I don’t like that glue much ( too brittle).

I cover the wood with beaten copper and it looks nice.

Anyway, it is finally an operative window again.


Our friend Barbara from Saba in the Caribbean came over to Germany to renew her passport. So she came to visit us and naturally we went to our favorite restaurant. A great time was had. She is a lovely, bubbly person.


I also added some diamonds to her ring which was a present to herself.

This is a common thing amongst self-employed people.

Giving yourself presents, that is.

I mean, there is  no boss to whip out the company cheque book and sent you on your merry way with a hot cheque in your grubby little paws to go buy yourself an IPod or some such thing.

So you give yourself a present.

The difficulty is pretending to be surprised when you unwrap it the next day.

Best thing is to get blind drunk, wrap it in a dark room and the open it the next day.

That way you never saw what went into the gift and because your were pissed you forgot anyway.

I joke mon.


The other day it was warm enough to go to Anne and I most favorite spot to do some people watching.

We stand on top of the esplanade and she drinks her tiny bottle of wine and I quaff large quantities of beer down.

And we watch the people and comment to ourselves on every good or bad thing we see.


Like this dude—Mr. Patience himself, waiting while his vroutjie finishes her social call.

At least 20 minutes.

What a wuss.

Now my sister calls me sexist, ( I am not) but I do like looking at all the pretty angels that come out in warm weather.

I must say, there are plenty more beautiful ladies than handsome men although  there are many more good looking German and Dutch men than there are handsome men in other countries, in my opinion.

Except in Australia.

When you watch the GP’s in Aussie all you see are dogs, male and female.

Aussies are really most unattractive people.

The men have all got the Prince Charles runaway chin and the women all look like they have just been unpackaged from an DHL speed delivery box.------ I would fit in quite well, I’m sure.



This is the final picture of the Palindrome Cannon, I promise.

Just a top view.

The only other picture I am going to post is when it’s in the display case.

I was going to gold plate the whole thing, but it is proving to be too complicated to warrant the cost.

So I found a specialized product called Incralac, which is specially developed to stop corrosion on brass and copper.

It is easier for me to import it from the UK than source it here in Fritz land.

Watch this space.


You got to click on this to make it larger.

The Truth, make no mistake.


kasia76 said...

Yes perhaps, but we do have year round sunshine... SUNSHINE!!! Golden rays that envelope your body and caress it with fuzzy warmth right down to your toes...mmmmm, sunshine!

Granted that might also be the reason that we look like wrinkled prunes in middle age but... SUNSHINE!!!

Hans Meevis said...

I know kasia.
I reved the aussies to see if my family actually read my blog.
I got lots of family in Aus but they didn't respond...sigh.

Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Bravo for a fixed window, but it took that long? I'm rather amazed. Here in the US (at least in my state/city) it would be replaced the next day without issue. The Germans are usually so efficient - this surprises me.

But at least things are back together again.

- Sandi