Monday, June 17, 2013

A Ring, the Fodiator and the Family.


Actually, the family first.

Anne’s sis and hubby and two teen’s arrived yesterday from SA.

They took a flight from JHB international to Schiphol in NL.

Then a train ride with a stop at Utrecht and on to Dusseldorf.

So we me them at the station and took them to the hotel that Anne had organized for them.



Anne’ good at this stuff. This is a pic of her leaving to prepare the hotel room.

She decided to leave the kitchen sink but everything else went.


Here they all are.

From the left brother Bernard, his not so little sis Renate, dad Immanuel and mom Monika.

Super hyped upon arriving in foreign climes.


Gotta love those teenagers.

Nothing sulky and silent with these ones.

Just boundless energy and endless curiosity.


The two sisters.


Finished this ring for a private client.



The other day there were divers clearing out one of the local canals in preparation for a shing ding on Saturday night.

Apparently there are water sports planned.

We asked and the people said the water was clean..




Amazing, all the junk they pulled out.

And of course, there is the ‘writer down of junk’ in the red shirt.

And the inevitable emergency vehicle, just incase one of the bicycles needs resuscitation.


Some body was a vandal/pissed when this bicycle his the bottom.


Trust me when I say German chicks are tough.

Much tougher than a wimp like me.

This spunky number was actually enjoying herself, sans hair cap.



Another spunky number, ready with an off-road two wheeler for your coffee.



Coming along.

The bow loading mechanism works properly now, and the crossbow can shoot.



I’m working on the rough shape of the body.

Then I start on the wings.

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