Monday, June 3, 2013

Cycling Around Dusseldorf.


Yesterday was a super sunny day.

Except that the temperature was about 15C and the wind was pumping at 40k’s.

So the first part of the day was spent feeding our obsession.


Namely Moto  GP racing.

Anne and I are fanatics and we subscribe to the live internet feed and we watch EVERYTHING.

Free practices, qualifying and all the races in all the categories.



Then it was on the bicycles for a fifty kilometer ride.

Dusseldorf comes alive when there is sunshine and this is only a small part of the kind of food market that is very popular in Germany.

Trust me that smoke smelt delicious, a real braai smell.


If there is another thing that Germans love, it is ice cream.

This is the queue for a cone and this is also typical of all ice cream shops.

Even in winter, ice cream sells.



Most Germans would like an outright ban on scientology.

As a result, their activities are severely curtailed, thankfully.

It is an abusive cult that practices it’s bullshit on vulnerable minds.

There is a good reason why Tom Cruise is the least trusted actor in America.

And they come at you sideways.

I suspect this stand is an off shoot of the cult.

Here they are saying that psychiatry will kill you , very similar to what scientology says

When I looked at the stand operators, I think they should just roll a joint and chill out-- dudes.



En route , about thirty k’s out, one passes Duisburg, which is known for it’s social welfare ticks in the form of gypseys.

This lot are the result of the liberal welfare policies here, and they are experts at relieving you of your possessions.

This building project solved the problem of the circular saw growing legs.

Try steal that one.



Then there is the other side of the German psych.

This old bali was SERIOUSLY pissed off.

So much so that I heard him shouting from inside the shop.

Why was he shouting and throwing all his toys out the cot?

Because the van was off loading in the bicycle path.

Which meant that the van was in his way.

Never mind that it is Sunday morning, no traffic and that there is no other loading zone.

Going around the van was much more difficult that having a ten minute shouting match.

Another candidate for a joint.



En route through Kaiserswerth.

A little village outside Dusseldorf.



Let me tell you, the German kids have absolutely no problem with PDA. (public display of affection)

They get hot and heavy on park benches, in alleys, in parks, you name it.

Kind of embarrassing for a Virgo like me.

My cringe meter always hits a 10 when I walk past and I never know whether I should look on in morbid fascination or study my nails. I normally do the latter.


Dutch spam in my spam box, telling me I can earn NINETY EIGHT EU A DAY!!

Wow, the USA spam tells me how I can earn a $1000 an hour….

There is no limit to the Dutch snoepness, I tell you.


Siggy Sieg said...

50 Kilometers on a bicycle - phew!!! Take my hat off to the 2 of you.

DanT said...


I enjoy your posts. I have a KTM Supermoto.

What internet feed do you subscribe to for the moto gp races?

Hans Meevis said...

Hi Dan,