Monday, June 24, 2013

Family and the Fodiator and Incralac.


Thirteen years to the day the family visited us in Kasane.



Renate, then and now.



Bernard, then and now.

Please kids, stop growing up so fast.

Think of me, because you grow up and all I do is get older.---sigh.

Anyway, everybody had a great time in Dusseldorf, largely to Anne. who is the consummate tour guide.



Having a graze in our shop, all in all good fun.

They all off to Amsterdam and then a bucket load of countries.




The Fodiater Bow is progressing.

I finished the basic wing which are made out of a brass frame work and shaped copper sheet.



Then onto the top of the body.


I want the top to be semi open, so that the cross bow mechanism is visible.

Visible because I am going to still carve the sectioning and make it pretty.


And I finally tracked down Incralac in Germany.

I first went to Finishing .com, where I found out I was have been mentioned concerning titanium finishing.

So I asked if any one knew of a supplier and lo and behold, a guy from Croatia knew of some one in Germany.

And contrary to my usual moan of service in Germany, this company was seriously on the ball and sommer sent me the Incralac after one email.

Three days later it’s here

They didn't even ask for cash up front.

I don’t think I have any readers of this blog in Germany, but for the record,  is the company.

And just for my SA readers, is comes in at an eye watering R850 per liter.

Beat that for what is essentially a clear lacquer.




And speaking of not messing around, this was here one day and the next is like this.




I also want to drive a machine like this.

Imagine, you don’t like your neighbor and then…….




Here is my turkey, doing his thing in my brass cut-off box.

He is just like a cat,----- just loves boxes.

He’s also a doos.

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