Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Fodiator Bow , a Ring and Flooding



I started a new project, tentatively called the Fodiator bow.


Fodiator is the Genera of one of the seven types of flying fish in the world.

True, go look in Wikipedia.

Kind of a cool word, Fodiator.

Definitely got a sexual overtone.


The other day we were in a pet shop and I saw a Lion fish in one of the aquariums.

That sort of gave me the basic idea for a kind of retro futuristic cross bow mix of fantasy fish. (Does that make sense?)

But I also like the flying fish thingi.


First I had to make the crossbow part, because the piece is built around that.

I like making miniature crossbows.


The cross bow is going to be hidden in the wings, which will be made out of brass and clad in copper sheet.

And I have already defined the size.

There is no way I’m getting project creep on this one.

I’m saying about three hundred hours of work or two months, which ever comes first.-- ha ha ha ha ha ha heard that one before.



I made this ring for a customer, set with red coral and a heart shaped diamond.

Germans love red coral for some reason and she was well pleased with it.

Very German design---- as in when in Dusseldorf, do as the Duzzies want.




Here in Dusseldorf, there has been great weather so we been cycling up a storm.

I left this picture of Bauer Braun’s field big, so click on it to see properly.


The Turm.

An impressive bit of architecture.

I swear, we have been here a year and I STILL have not gone to the top.

It’s weird, when you a tourist you go see every piece of shit the city offers and when you live there you go see nothing.

At the the first clear day expect a post with lots of vista pictures.

( It’s grey this Sunday)


There has been serious flooding in parts of Germany and the Rhine is but propvol.


This normally has a river beach where the people braai and PDA and pomp.

Nothing like that now.


Same here.


Even the cycling track are water logged.

From the river though, not because of local rain.



I don’t normally post this stuff, but this on hit a F# chord in my heart.

I could SO apply this in my car.---- ha ha ha.

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