Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saga Ring and Sunday.


Oh the saga, the saga.

An Italian jeweller from pizza land made this ring for my client.

But there was----  worry - bother - disturbance - distress – difficulty---

And so the ring wound up on my bench.


You see, he had made the ring first in wax and sent it to her and she said “fine, go ahead”

Then when it was cast, she didn’t like that is was sideways, and not parallel to the finger.

And then there was -------  worry - bother - disturbance - distress – difficulty.

And then the ring was given back, diamonds and all and old kippie  gets it.

Then there was the matter of the diamonds.

All 164 of them.

They didn’t fit.

In the holes drilled.

He drilled them wrong, and as I have learnt in my life, you can drill a hole bigger, but not smaller.

So my client had to buy all different diamonds.---serious squeal, trust me.


Two days of setting and sweating.

The sapphire weighs 13.11 carats.



Look every one has their own taste and mine screams FUGLY!!!

But who am I but a dumb workman.


The bow, just before the final taking apart—polishing—making more stuff—putting back together—checking everything---taking apart---stabilizing—final assembly.



I cast the tooth out of silver with Delft casting sand.


Like this.

Super easy method.


Last Sunday was a cool cycling day. We went into the forests. Early in the morning, while Germany slept.


Beautiful light.


Later, when Germany awoke, the day was pristine.


Blue sky day it was.


For some, however, the road home proved too much and sleep overcame them.

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