Friday, July 12, 2013

The Bangle and the Teen Girl.


Once upon a time there was a bangle like this.


That was changed to a bangle like this.



And then I changed it into something like this.

The bangle and I anxiously await her next mood.

Who knows where it will take us?


The fins at the bottom are roughly finished.

Now I am going to work on the mouth and eyes.

That is difficult. It can easily make or break the piece.

And waste time.


Underneath the wings showing the crossbow.



The other day we went cycling. Check this house, cool or what.

And especially the wall, covered with asrto turf.

No maintenance ----eva


So we cycling along about 30 k’s out of Dusseldorf, and in front of me is a teen girl also pedaling merrily along.

Next thing she cycles straight into this truck, parked on the side of the road.

BANG!--- just like that.

Luckily she was not injured.

We of course ask her if she is all right and all, but she is super embarrassed and  she mumbles is fine, all bright red in the face.

And then I noticed the cell phone in her hand…..

Aha! texting while cycling were we?—silly girl.

I think she learned the lesson---thoroughly.



This dude has the right idea.

Party hard, and bring bedding.

Tomorrow will take care of it’s self.


Traffic cop---on a scooter  ha ha ha


Check out the zoot hairstyle.

Seriously mod in the German government.


The car owner got really lucky.

That would be an expensive lederhosen he bought.


Far out, in the wild, wild hinterland of Germany.

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