Monday, July 1, 2013

The Fodiator Bow, and Living and Unliving Horses



Getting on with it. Just for my records.



Attached the rear wings.


Got to work on the tail now. Then the bottom fin which will also be the main support post.



I came across two kiddie cop babes all saddling up and not to impressed that I was taking photos of them.

Dearie, I was taking pics of the horsie.

Very pretty horsie too.



My word, oh so typical of the horsie crowd.

They lucky I’m all mature and that, because in the old days I would have scaled one tyre off their trailer and hung it in the nearest tree.

( Afterthought)

The one had a 9mm Glock strapped to her shapely thigh, so maybe scaling the tyre might not be such a great idea.



Here’s a horse much more to my liking.

Check the kick start, from the time when men were men who ate steaks done on a fire with salt added.



Seriously cool. Not even an oil leak.


Honest stuff that can be fixed at home.IMG_3320


Don’t park it too near the braai.

The frikken geek thing will melt.

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