Monday, August 19, 2013

Worms and Rings.


First the ring.

Made this one on commission.

Tricky to set.


The top and bezel polished.


‘ tis the manner of construction. She waits.


Kind of like the lines.

Fried spaghetti burger

Anne, doing her culinary magic, after I pointed her to a dude who kamsitg invented these in New York.


After some head scratching, like “ Ok, how he do that shit?”we figured it out.

So I made some rings out of steel and then we did a couple of numbers to check out the cooking methodology.

Worked well.

Heartattackski stuff.


The other day we were cycling on the back roads of Dusseldorf amongst the farmlands and I saw this hairy worm/caterpillar and when I put the image into Google image search to find out what  it’s name was ………..


this image came up.

I get it Google, I get it.

Just wasn't the hairy caterpillar I had in mind…….

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