Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Packaging Blues.


The other day I ordered two new hanging motor mandrels.

One is a sintered diamond wheel to shape setting gravers and the other is a ceramic hard polymer polishing wheel.

It it used to polish the bottom of a graver for a bright cut, and it works really really well.

It’s the box, people, the box it came in.

Do we REALLY need a giant box for two ity bity mandrels?


Far to much packaging material

Like this lot when I ordered some plating solutions.

Those two bottles, the one on the left is gold plating solution, and the little one on the right is rhodium plating solution, used ALL those boxes  and bags and a tin for packaging material.

Um Gottes  willen , how over kill is that?


Dusseldorf is a super bicycle friendly city.

Ten kilo’s out there are looong brick paved that is just the best to cycle on.

This guy had the wind in the right direction and he must have had a ball.

Our ‘standard’ cycle is from Dusseldorf to Kaiserswerth and back, which is about 25 kilo’s.

When we get to Kaiserswerth, there is a tannie who owns a ice cream shop and we always have two cones each.

She makes her own ice cream and it is completely addictive.

All absolutely proper ingredients, even depending on what fruits are available seasonally.

Just absolutely the best.


But dude, she has a seriously bad  ’tood.

She’s like this feisty old tannie who just doesn’t take shit from no one.

She couldn't care a fuck about her customers and she will ignore you while she  cleans the tables or speaks on the ‘phone or what ever.

Until she is finished.

I was grudgingly allowed to take a picture of her.

After Anne and I had chaafed her for months.

But dang, she makes lekker ice cream.


Best comment. The other day it was my birthday. I phone my mom the day before and kidded her that it was on the day I phoned.
A silence, then she says:
“Hans, you can’t fool me, I was there at the time.”
Best book this week. Halo series by Greg Bear.
All three of them
The guys a master of hard core science fiction.
Stop eating the food that animals eat.
You starving them.
Music Prayer. Dear Lord,
If we send you Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, will you send us John Lennon and Freddie Mercury back?
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