Monday, September 2, 2013

Rings and Bikes.


This pendant, made for a guy in the USA for his lady.

Very cool, very symbolic.


Ready to be soldered.


This ring set with 28 diamonds and a two carat sapphire and a 1.78 Columbian emerald of exceptional colour and clarity.

Trust me, the photo does the colour of the emerald no justice.


It had to be finished in two days from go.

She is leaving for France and wants to swan and if I want the job then get on with it.

OMG,  but I sweat to set a emerald like this.

Firstly because it is irreplaceable, certainly from my bank account.

Secondly because you can fuck this stone up in a tiny, itty bit of a second.




The kick start, from a era when men ate steaks with salt burnt on a open fire made from wood and there were no pieces of shit like Justin Bieber.

So cool.


Real instruments.


Real carburetors. About a 1971-ish model from European origin.

The USA model had the gearshift on the left side, this one has the brake lever there.


Check the writing on the helmet.    Skool, ha ha


The Weeks Best

Best book finished                                                      Pandora Unchained
Peter.F. Hamilton.
Best current song. Rose Tattoo
Drop Kick Murphy’s
Best Breakfast:
Steak with cheese, bacon,tomato with onions, potatoes with sauce, buttered toast and fried egg yolks.
Heart attackski stuff or what!
But fuck it man, it makes Sunday worth it.
Made by my Master Chef Anne on request.
Best achievement for the week

Setting this emerald in the ring without breaking it.
Emerald is a really difficult stone to set,and they ‘dustify’ in one nano second when things go wrong.
EU 5000 would seriously, seriously fuck my weekend up.
I sweat the night before, I dream of it and then I plan it to the ‘nth degree in my mind.
And then I don’t make a mistake.
When it’s set, I go buy some beers.
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