Friday, September 6, 2013

The Bow and Warm Days.



The Fodiator bow is undergoing final take- apart- and- polish- and clean- and- spray protective coating.



These are all the parts that have been cleaned and coated.

Took the whole week.


And this is the piece of junk that I just can’t get right for the last two days.

Every time I dip them in the Incralac they dry hazy.

So now I am going to spray them with my spray gun.

Irritating and I know by the time I finish spraying everything is going to look frosted in my workshop.



Last Thursday it was such a tit day were went for a 50k ride.

There is this big time celebration because Dusseldorf is 725 years old this year.

So the locals have been putting up tents to sell lederhosen and sauerkraut and play Oompa march music and all that.


I saw this weird looking thingi in a farmers field.

I think it might be a fly trap.

Weird thing, there not really any insects in these parts.

Zip flies too.



But a seriously lekker day.

And here in EU you grab what you can when you can, because one thing is sure, the weather will get worse.


This is an old abandoned building.



Perfect place to string up striking workers and politicians.


Nothing that an axe and a coat of paint won’t cure.


Seriously cool though.

Abandoned places fascinate me.



Even Mrs. Dove was catching the autumn rays.



This is the German version of rock and roll in the park on a Sunday.

I swear there were some young couples bopping to this orchestra.



I dig funny signs.




This weeks best


Best Movie Silver Linings Playbook.
Jennifer Lawrence won a Oscar for this performance and I think Oscars are a load of shit.
But this movie was really good.
Best blog The life of a stranger who stole my phone
Blog of  a German chick who had her phone stolen while she was on holiday by some Dubai petty thief.
He doesn’t know about the automatic photo upload function so she gets all the pictures in here inbox.
You got to start reading from page 1.
Fucking funny.
Best news of the week. A New Lease on Life
Story about my friend and journeyman’s wife Thonia.
She had two major strokes and was completely fucked up.
And now, with a lot of guts and balls, she is coming right.
Way to go girl.
Keep on painting
Best idiot of the week Obama—seriously dude-- Syria?
Not learnt your lesson yet?
Let me give you a hint—both sides hate you.


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