Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn, Army food and Berg wind.


Typical German design.

Matt with tiny diamonds.


Been busy with this order for some time now.

It is at the stage where she has to approve.

The enameling is not finished and this thing has to get magnets inside.

Like a very expensive fridge magnet.


The other day we were invited to have dinner with clients. This is the restaurant that has been in the family for like a million generations.

Check the progression on the wall of all the fore fathers that have croaked.


Trust me, every frickin restaurant in Germany is like this with minor variations.

And they all serve army food with minor variations.

And the waiters are all assholes, with minor variations.

And the menus all suck, with minor variations.

This restaurant's specialty are tiny glasses of shitty beer and pancakes with bacon.

Gah, an evening of lang tande, trust me.

( lang tande is the look your dog gets when he has to eat something he doesn’t like so he chews it with long teeth)

Anyway, the company was…clients….

The restaurant is just 5 kilo’s from us and there was a warm berg wind blowing in from Spain so we hopped on our bicycles and pedaled there.

Then we pedaled back and it was so lekker warm and all the people were out and about.


There were a couple of  dudes having a jam session playing “These boots were made for walking” very well indeed.


So we bought another beer and mellowed out for a while on the plain.



Under the big Ferris wheel with all the pretty cabins and pretty girls walking by.

‘Twas a great ending to a warm evening.


Its Autumn in Dusseldorf.


Taken earlier in the week on a cycle ride to our favorite ice-cream shop.


These are true colour pictures.


It’s a very pretty time of the year.


Farm land


The sun snuck out in a small crack in the clouds.


And made the bridge gives long shadows.



Every time a bird craps on me I make myself some scrambled eggs just to show them what I am capable of.


I swear, I just took a screen print.

Click to make big.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, though.

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