Friday, October 11, 2013

Pendant and Autumn.


A nice Aquamarine, some 75 carats.

Aqua is not difficult to cut , especially clean material like this. I cut all beryl ( Aqua, morganite, heliodor,)  with a 260 grit, then a 1200 grit with water.

Emerald is polished with green diastick, because it is always porous and if you cut it the normal way, the black polish goes into the cracks and then the emerald dealer puts a contract on your family and you become a refugee family in Siberia.

Then 7000 copper and polish with 50,000 on a Batt lap.

The pendant is made out of 18kt white gold and is not my design.

I first set the awl with about 40 tiny diamonds.

It was then attached to the pendant.



Then I set 50 diamonds along the sides.



Setting long straight sides is a mission, because you can see easy if something is out of true.


Done for one of the high end jewellers here in town.


Here is something I have just been working on FOREVER.

It is a working sample model made out of silver first and then it will be made into gold.

This is the second sample I am making.

The first one looked miff.

Each leaf has 4 x 1mm tubes soldered on it and the is joined with a center double tube.

So there are 58 separate 1mm tubes on this piece.




It folds up and becomes a book.

Then it can be used as a pendant.

And when it is open it will be a bracelet.

The nice part is the the pages can all be worked, like set with stones or enameled of etched or whatever.

Now I just have to design the ‘spine’ of the book which also acts as the catch.

Watch this space.


Autumn is here with a vengeance.



We went out yesterday arvie for a cycle and I managed to take this photo as the sun cam out for one nano second.

Ambient temperature was 12ÂșC-- frikken cold.


Germans generally have their sense of humor surgically removed after they turn 30 years of age.

Sometimes, however, there is an aberration.

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