Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pterosaurus Bow and Autumn.



I started.



Drew it out more accurately.

I made the basic cross bow mechanism and cut out the spring steel for the bow.

With an angle grinder.


Then I strung the bow with some rubbish cable I have just to see if it will work.

Then I started on the body.

I make a paper model first.

It is much easier to cut paper than brass.


Dude—the wings are cut and the basic top body is made .

I really like the bat like look.

It’s like a sort of cross between a seagull and a bat.



And then the bow broke.

Frack, so I angle grinded ( ground ) another on with more vooma.



And then I started making the tensioning lever thingy’s.

The body of the bow is only 60mm long so it is a tiny little thing.


I also started to inlay it into the top of the Ptero’s body.


Like this.

The cocking mechanism works well now.


So now it also shoots well.

The paper clipboard has the bolt ( arrow) in it.

It is very strong, as in it goes through 10 mm of paper.


All those screws and bolts and things are only temporary.


They going to be changed into rear legs, punk style.

Coming to a computer near you.


Some more Autumn Sunsets.


A localized rainbow high in the sky. ( Click on the pic )


Dusseldorf Sunset.

Ambient temperature 13C

Wind speed, 60 to 100 k’s


There are beautiful contrasting colours at this time of the year.

I think that the most beautiful place and season in the world is spring in South Africa, where everything bursts into life in a month or so, but Europe has a handle on autumn, where everything does a colourful, slow change to a white death.

Even though winter is around the corner, it is a beautiful change.



We have a lot in common.

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