Friday, November 8, 2013

Pendants, Horse parts and the Ptero Bow.


Finished an internet order for a 18ct pendant with rutilated quartz.

She lost it and so I had to make it from a VERY grainy picture.


This could be called the most expensive fridge magnet I have ever made.

It’s for the owner of some building company. Don’t let the simplicity fool you I took more than 30 hours to make.

I had to fire it at least 12 times.


The back has four little handmade screws, holding the back on.



Been working on my Ptero Bow.

I made half a dozen paper models until I got to this one



Then I made the head after the rough draft of the back legs


Here is the basic head, about to be cut.


Then  cut the lower mandible, ( ha! bet you didn’t think I knew such fancy words, right?) and then made some silver bottom teeth.


Here is the rough head idea.


So now the next thing is to modify the neck so that the cross bow can fire.

Don’t worry, I knew the neck would be in the way……….


Just wait, this one is going to off many, many corrupt politicians.



Took this photo last week at the Rhine markt they hold every once and a while.

She gets road rash kissing him.


There was this British scandal awhile ago when they found horsemeat in sausages and all, but here in Fritz land there was none such.

The sign proclaims “Everything from the horse”


So I f you feel like a Trigger horse fillet, or maybe a Black Beauty goulash, here is the place you get your raw ingredients.

And the stand was BUSY!


And in other unrelated news, Hans likes dried out marshmallows.


Yesterday, Anne had her hair cut and I must say he did a good job

Finding a good hairdresser is difficult.

I had a friend in Pretoria who was absolutely useless which was really awkward, to a good one in St Maarten to a couple of rejects in Dusseldorf, to this one now.

So, no more tears.

And in the engineering section of this post,

BEHOLD ----the wobbly motor!!

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