Thursday, November 14, 2013

Titanium Ring




Now of course if I had a nice piece of titanium round bar we would just turn the ring out, but I havn’t, so I cant.


The hard way then…Cut the edges off.

This is where you find out you bought lousy hacksaw blades. One make that I bought that was quite expensive lasted two strokes and they were blunt.

It is amazing how much junk is sold in Germany.


Then file  the hell out of it until we gent the right size on the inside and then nicey nicey on the outside.


Then drill the four holes and draw gold wire down so that is fits as snugly as a whatsisname in a you know what.


I cut the little stubs off and then pre peen them first and then stick then from the bottom through and peen then from the top.

Then I don’t have to moer so much in the inside of the ring.


Once they bliksemend good and proper I file them down a bit .


Then I anneal them and tap and file them until they smooth.



I want to get to this stage with the gold perfectly annealed.

It makes for easy setting


These were set pavé style  and the ring was kept matt as per order.



Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Ah, this is beautiful! And so fascinating to see the process photographed. Thanks for sharing :)

Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

I like matte rings, they tend to lose their bright finishes so quickly in real life use.

Very pretty, so sorry about the hacksaw blades.

- Sandra