Monday, December 9, 2013

Earrings and Things


Just finished this set of 18 karat earrings,

Set with two 1 carat colour ‘D’ diamonds .

The center baguettes were specially cut for this job.



Here I am doing the last of the setting.

The center stone were quite tricky to set because they have to fit absolutely perfectly, and there is no room for error.

Also because the diamonds effectively touch each other, it is mega easy to chip one.

And it’s not like you can just phone the dealer and order another one.


These earrings had to be clips only.

She does not have pierced ears.

So I decided that rather than buying in clips from the suppliers, and pay 300 EU for them, I was going to figure how to make some for myself and at the same time make a tutorial of it.

This pic is from that tutorial, hence the arrows.IMG_1730

Nothing if not technical.

Anyway, they work well.


And while I was setting, a dead mosquito drops onto my work area .

In winter.

There are no frikken mozzies here.

A sign…………………….

I knew then that Mandela was going to croak.


Here is another ring I set.

Nice little bauble.


In Europe, things are mucho expensive.

Plenty of taxes to pay for the benefits

And trust me there’s lots of that in Dusseldorf

I mean, the Frogs only work 35 hours a week.  

So a drill bit ends up costing up to 9 Euro’s each.

Like triple as much as in America

That’s not funny.

So I sorted all my old blunt drill bits out from my blunt burr box.


And I set up my hanging motor in my graving ball with a diamond disk.

And started sharpening.  Works well too, and saves me a ton of money


I been studying German online

It’s a free language course and I must say, it really improves the skill set.

But man, German is such an archaic language.

It’s so rigid and formal and complicated.

Makes me understand why everybody wears black here and listens to oompha music.

It’s in the language dude.



On one of our last cycles we took note of a small office ‘ end of the year shingding’  thrown by one of the local companies.

Six little putt putt’s next to each other.



In St Maarten you get an answering service when you phone the fire department..( no kidding)

Here they pitch when a smoke detector goes off.


The guy in the apartment was pissed off and slammed the windows closed. ha ha


And just to make certain there really was no fire ‘ol  Klaus checked up on the roof.

Now for this kind of competence, I don’t mind paying my taxes at all.

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