Saturday, December 14, 2013

Expanded Electric Motor.


Here is a project that took a while to overcome inertia.

This is my Expanded Electric Motor.


Basically, I took a 12 volt electric motor from an old printer and removed the casings and remade everything so it is naked to the world.

There four penlight batteries that go into the two horizontal tubes.


Call it electric motor porn.

Nevertheless, it took me 2.5 years to finish it.

It’s the lack of sexy.


It’s not a Dragon, it’s not a Fodiator bow.

It’s a naked motor.


It actually got finished itsy bitsy steps at a time.

Like I would drill something and then leave it for a month.

Then I would get guilty and so another itsy thing and then leave it again.

Then yesterday guilt overcame lethargy and I did the last itsy bits.


It’s got a glass case and then the motor can be switched on with the brass switch I made at the bottom of the box.


Off and on.

Runs nicely though.


I covered the underside with brown felt cloth.




On Wednesday we went to Eindhoven in NL.

This photo is a 2 in the arvie.

We had to get up at 6 and leave at 6:45 so we could be there by nine for Arnold’s APK.

That’s the Dutch roadworthy and it has to be done every year for bedrijfs auto’s. ( business vehicles.)

It’s fricking dark and dik mist while we drive.

It only got light at 8:15. Winter sucks.


Arnold, getting his junk checked out.

Eindhoven is 8 degrees colder than Dusseldorf.

But is has got Albert Hein, a zoot large supermarket with all cool graze and beer and shit.

German supermarkets are kak beyond belief.

They got really shitty food, shitty products and even more shitty staff.

So when we get to NL, it’s pig out time.

I like the Dutch, they much more friendly than Germans.

They laugh easier.


The other day is first rained, then hailed, then snowed.


Never mind, these days will come again.

I just know it.

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