Sunday, December 22, 2013

The PteroBow and my New Pets.



Ptero Bow should be finished by the end of the year.

Dude, it looks mean.


And he already doesn’t like you.



The other day I bought 20 new pets.

These are black crickets that they sell in pet shops for live food for lizards and spiders and other reptile animals that I am not allowed to keep since marriage took place.

I bought them because they make a nice chirrup sound.

Very cool, that sound.

Reminds me of a summers night, all warm and stuff.

I named then of course.

One is called Eric and the other is called Janet. The next one is called Eric 2 and then comes Janet 2. After that there is Eric 3 and Janet 3 .



They very happy in their housie and the males sing pretty little chirrup songs to all the Janets in the ‘hood.

Unfortunately, there was a  JEALOUS male Eric 8 who wanted to have sex with Janet 4.

Janet 4 was however hung up on Eric 6 and didn’t want to know ANYTHING about Eric 8.


So Eric 8 got hold Janet 3 and because she was going through a divorce and needed money because her ex husband was a douche cricket and wasn’t paying maintenance, she agreed to do the job.



I am still conducting an ongoing investigation, but from what the witnesses tell me it is a cut and dried case.

Murder by jealousy.

Watch this space for further developments.



This is Hans’ version of Bunny Chow.

Bunny chow comes from Durban.

It is a hollowed out half loaf and filled with curry and slap chips.

We used to live off it when we were young with the munchies.

My version has a beef goulash in it, made by my personal chef Anne.


Dude, don’t think my boep is not growing.

This is a combo savory and asparagus like quiche  pie.

De frikken licious.

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