Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Europe in summer is beautiful.

We have so far had a brilliant winter, in as much that the weather has been in the 7 degree-ish range.

There is a problem though.

For me, dusk should fall at about 5pm to say 8pm ---and be warm, like in Pretoria.

Here when dusk falls in that time zone , it’s cold.


Not cool.

And when it gets warm, the time zone has moved to dusk at frikken half past ten, like as in bedtime soon.

There is no way one can have a sundowner at eleven at night.

And in Germany and  NL  those three,  dusk and time and temperature never meet.




My latest gier.

Made out of copper so far.

The first part of the legs are sand cast in brass.

Wait for it and don’t judge--- I have a direction.



The other day I photo'd the tiniest of tiny spider out side.

This is taken with a twelve time loupe in front of the lens, like a cheepo macro.

It was about 3mm big.

Insects are not common in these parts.



This is  a new project that someone set fire to two weeks before opening.

Maybe they didn’t like the rent.

It’s a building that is designed to look broken, to me.

Looks like it got hit by a sonic blast or something.


Nice three carater pendant I made and set.


The ultimate bush mechanic.

This setter, whom I shall not name even though I know him from the internet, is sizing a stone.

He is using a cut off wheel and spinning the gemstone so that the girdle is ground down.

Stone murder raised to a new level.

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