Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bangles and Bicycles.



This is the top of the bangle.

Problem was that the bangle keeps on turning around.

Figures, who ever made this bangle made it to big , so the natural tendency is for the heavier top to “roll” to the bottom


This pissed Madam off endlessly.


Bring it to the  “ He can fix anything guy”

So I was instructed to set the bottom with diamonds.



I dislike wax on my diamonds when I set, so I made a cloth bottomed bowl to keep my stones in.

Works like a charm.



We do some drilling.


This is two days into the setting.

Frikin’ difficult, because when the bangle was originally made, the top was a comfy 1.5mm thick.

But the bottom was 1mm thick.

But when one makes a bangle like this, the dents are filed out and then the metal went from between 0.8mm to 0.5mm thick.

Simply because there was never any intention to set stones there.



Anyway, good ‘ol “Can fix anything” got it done.

With some serious fiddling and swearing along the way.

She comes on Tuesday to pick it up ------let’s see what happens.



This is a picture of the finished ring of my tutorial I mentioned in the last post.

Nice and neat and dainty.


Sunday was a great clear day for once.

Cold though, at 8C degrees and a mild breeze blowing.


The Boss and I.

You got to wear some serious clobber when you cycle in winter.

Thermal under wear, track suit bottom, two long T shirts, a jersey, a jacket, gloves, a beanie and even a scarf sometimes.

This picture was taken at midday, check out the tree shadow.

Thus the Boss’ sunglasses are merely a fashion statement, because the sun shines here at about the same strength as a birthday candle.

Last year during the season we cycled more than 2400 kilometers, which is double of what we drove in our car.

I swear, we just never need to drive a car here.

Not bad though, considering that there is only 6 months of reasonably OK cycling weather here in Europe.


Cold or not, the Germans come out in force in clear weather.

Was great though, blue skies and all.


The stories this suitcase could tell.


Dusseldorf number plate and Saffa sticker.

Don’t see many south africans here in Dusseldorf.

Figures, because not many speak German.


Sigh, one of my crickets committed suicide.

Some sources tell me  it was a love triangle—again.

Other sources say it was because the lettuce wasn’t fresh enough.

I am thinking of setting up a Help Hotline call center with one of those 800 numbers.

This just can’t go on like this.

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