Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Birth.





So there we were, one titanium tree pierced out.



Then we pierced another one out of the same 2mm thick sheet.

I made a sort of swivel thingi out of silver.

It looked kak and didn’t work.

The two different trees were much to much PT to line up and I had screwed up the basic design.



Talk about scrap.


So then I cut out another tree design out of one piece of 2mm.

The bottom two little spheres are just two temporary silver screws holding the  titanium tree to the bottom.


The thing was to get the Dragonfly to sit tight on the pendant.

And to be removed from the main pendant and also be used as an individual pendant.

So basically, the dragonfly will be an integral part of the main pendant, but it can also be worn independently.



So I made a catch at the back of the titanium cut out tree.


It clicks in and out – or off, if you will.



Other than rivets and screws, there are only twelve  different components in this piece.


Unfinished back.


Birth. Maybe.

There is always risk with work like this.

For instance, I still have to enamel and set the dragonfly with emeralds and two diamonds.

Easy for something to go wrong and then it’s retro design factories.

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