Monday, March 3, 2014

Birth is Finished.


The general I idea I was going with.

I had black paper as my background and I was messing around with the positioning of the two baby grubs.



Then I went to Bauhaus and bought some steel for the background.

The brass reeds screw into the steel with silver screws that I made.

33 of them.

They were painted with a Satin finish black—the frame and background, I mean.



Finishing off always takes such a long time and the re-assembly is very stressful, because if you make a mistake and scratch or bend something then it’s a couple of steps back.

Excluding store bought screws and nuts, it consists of about 240 separate pieces.


These are the individual components of the pendant.

I changed the Cubic Zirconia.

I love the colour, but using a CZ in such a complicated piece was just not keeping up with the Jones’ses.

I had a really beautiful Amethyst that I cut to the right size and I set that instead.



I also set an emerald and a diamond in the head.


Then I made a little holder for the two chains that will go with this sculpture.

One for the big pendant and one for the gold dragonfly.



A little bit like a kalabash.


With a cute little lid that has a piece of glass fitted in it.

You can see one of the chains in it.


Took me about a day to make.


The pendant with the dragonfly on it .


And without.


I made a detachable plate so it can be engraved easier.


The Dragonfly.



Finished, in the cold harsh workshop light.


Here I am experimenting with LED lighting.

My original concept would be to have strategically placed led’s placed in the frame.

Then there would be solar charging plates on the frame, that charge a big fat capacitor during the day and run at night.

Much like those garden walkway light thingy's.

The next sculpture will have them.

It’s already planned and it’s called “ Nest”

Coming to a blog near you.

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