Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The European Fine Art Fair 2014


Yesterday we climbed into Arnold, our Renault jalopy and got ourselves to TEFAF in Maastricht.

This is the second year we have gone there.

Last year it was brutally cold, but this year the weather was kind and there was even sunshine sometimes.

It’s big—the show. Very big, and the crème de la crème  of the worlds art dealers are there.

Graff diamonds had diamonds that were 25 milimeters in diameter.

One of the nicest diamonds set in a ring was a 1.01ct  rectangular red diamond , priced at 4.5 million dollars.

The cool thing at that show is that the sales people are quite OK to talk to the plebs like us--- as if we have our Lear jet parked out side.

They are very well trained.


Pieces of jewellery by Lalique were there.

We saw at least ten of them.


This is the most complete dinner set made of solid silver in the world.

Weighs in at around 100 kilo’s and will set you back about 1.8 million euro’s.



A bird cage, with provenance.

It took one guy 15,000 hours to make and was bought by a Korean buyer.

Most of the pieces that are sold there are sold the first night, when all the really wealthy people fly in to a private viewing.

Anne had done some research and one diamond we wanted to see was a 52 carat Chameleon diamond that Chopard jewellers had in their stand.

We asked and the salesman took us to a private booth and took the stone which is set in a ring out of the safe for us.

The stone reverts to a dark olive green when kept in darkness and the changes colour when exposed to light.

Super rare.

Dude, we got to handle a stone worth $ 31,000,000.


Chopard also had a 29.88ct Kashmir sapphire set in a ring that was simply beyond beautiful. The perfect stone.



Then we get to the silly part.

This piece of rubbish done by one Francis Bacon sold for $25,000,000.

For ten percent I will paint that in an afternoon and still have time to watch the news at eight.



This time I didn’t take so many photo’s as last time.

This is a nice chair made out of wood and copper sheeting.


And here is an idea that I am for sure going to mess around with.

It is about 100 pieces of sheet glass that has been glued together with UV clear glue.

The effect is very dramatic.

This one sold for UE 50,000.

Nice work, if you can get it.


This was another excellent idea.

Two ipads framed and when you watch, a fly and  then a butterfly would fly from one to the other.


A rose standing in front of roses.

Anne did some good networking there, and we got quite a few leads to get some of our art pieces in a gallery.

Very difficult thing, that.

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