Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Zelda Ring.


I got an order to make a rather unusual ring.

It’s modeled on a game called Zelda and had to have some specific design elements in it.

The curls, the vines all of it.

First, the colour of the gem and also the cut of it.


It had to have a six sided reflector in it.

So I cut a couple of samples and eventually this one was selected.



Definitely different.



I also made and set this set of earrings this week.

It’s for my somewhat difficult customer who I have mentioned before.

They look very elegant on Anne’s ears.

Lets hope my customer thinks the same of them on her ears.


I quite like Germans.

They are retentive, obsessive, have fuckall sense of humor and love ordering people about.

But they clever and honest and that for me is very important.

They are also, like the Dutch,  frikken lazy and unambitious.

Oh, and they also tax everything.

The picture shows some Saltpeter and Boric acid.

In St Maarten it would cost about $20.

Here, that little lot cost me EU63.

And that is after the chemist gave me the third degree, made me sign multiple times in a register and asked me if I was making a bomb.

My face just grinned and said no.

My mind wanted to grab the little Stasi  runt and give him a snot klap.



And then here is the weird thing.

They do stuff like this.


So wow.

Very Spiderman.

Much silk.


Germans are also very Catholic.

So there is no shopping on Sunday, which pisses me off something terrible.

Which is also the reason why there is no morning after pill available over the counter, unlike the rest of the world.

The Catholic church are experts at pregnancy matters and have determined over many decades of practice that the morning after pill is not needed because little boys can’t fall pregnant anyway.

So a few Sunday’s ago, we took ourselves to Venlo, a nearby Dutch city where the elder half of Germany goes to do groceries on Sunday and the younger half goes to buy weed.

The only Dutch in the grocery store were the shop assistants. The rest were German.



The Nest,  relentlessly being built.

The wings are going to have heat-blued titanium inlay.



Schpeckels, doing his own nest thing.

He’s weird.


Sandra Graves / Isis Rising said...

Love Schpeckels peeping out at you. What a character!

At least you're close enough to escape Germany on Sundays. Your photo was quite amusing.

I can hardly wait for the nest, and those wings will be amazing!

- Sandra

Debora said...

:) Rare jongens, die Germanen :)

Best thing is your ring!!!! I know a girl (my daughter) who will freak out when I can show it to her. Great job!!

Debora said...

prrrr, prrrr schpeckels is OK!