Friday, March 21, 2014

Titanium Ring and Nest.




I had to make a ring the same as the one next to it.

Since that fat pig Santa Claus did not bring me a laser welder this Christmas, even though I sent him a list of both ofthe good things I did last year, I ma have to make it out of solid plate.

So I cut a piece of 5mm plate out and marked where I am going to drill.



I drill it out on my drill press, using the small to bigger hole thing.

I got to make it size ‘P’ which is about 18 mm so I drill it out to 16mm and file it up to size.

If you go to big it is start over ’ ville.


Then I hack it down with a hack saw and then I grind the outside down on my bench grinder.



Then I file a taper down with a bastard file.

I actually use a 15 inch file first.



Then I file and sand and hammer it up to the exact size and I finish off the inside completely.

Because I have been hammering on it it becomes work hardened so I anneal it until it is blue like that.



The blue is handy, because as I finish of the ring the low lights are easy to see.

With titanium you have to go through all the grits up until polish.

It’s like platinum, you can’t polish lines out easy.




Now the ring is ready to be drilled.



First I drill a 1.5mm hole through the shank.

Then I make a tube for my diamond and solder some 1.5mm wire onto it.

Then I set the diamond in the tube.



I use a conical punch to set the diamonds.

I buy these cheap punches  and make them conical inside with a ball frazer.

They work brilliant for small stones.

Then I peen the 1.5mm wire over on the inside of the ring.

Same with the ball.

It is soldered together and a wire is soldered onto it.

Fitted into t he  ’U’ and peened over.



Even though it is completely impractical, I would prefer this ring all polished and blued because yellow gold and that blue is such a cool combination.

Anyway the customer wanted it matt



Nest comes along.

Nest is OCD work.

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