Sunday, April 27, 2014

Be Nest




Be day 56 on this project.




I finished the tree support of the nest.




I clad it with fused copper on the outside.

I had to drill eight holes and tap them and a tap broke.

Sorry dog  jpg.

It took me three days to remove and made the tree all copper plated.

I used sodium bi-sulphate  ( Sparex),  but admittedly, I didn’t heat it, hence the three days.




I made two new leaves that are inlayed with titanium, like the bird wings, but different.

Spider web cut out at the bottom right.




I pierced it out of one plate of silver and then soldered the wires onto the ends.

It’s going to be fitted into the vine circle .

Then I am going to make a gem set spider in the middle.

I think I am going to make it a fixture, not a removable piece.






I made two littler leaves that have titanium centers for the top part of the vine.

They are going to be screwed into the frame with a decorative something or other.


Now it’s time for Moto GP………………

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